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A Game for the Needy
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xXNikesDiamondXx has started a donation pool!
143 / 10,000
OC Redesigns: 5 :points:
DeviantID: 20 :points:
Icons: 20 :points: (if you don't have we'll talk about it bc 20 is for full fledged Icons)
Emotes: 25x25 15 :points: 50x50 20 :points: 150x50 50 :points:
Buttons: 20 :points:
Your OC same style: 20 (if your style is cartoony) 50 (realistic or harder to do style) :points:
Stamps: 10 (simple) 20 (for extras [ex. animated]) :points:
Customs: 40 :points:
Lineless: 50 :points:

Com. Addons:
(simple) shading +5 :points:
(better) shading +10 :points:
(Transparent) Background -5 :points: (doesn't count for Icons)
(simple) Background +5 :points:
(Better) Background +10 :points:

Note me for Commission Details and price

Status Stamp: P.Coms OPENED by hitogata Points Commissions Stamp by HornedStorm Points Please Stamp by izka197

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[X] You have your own room
[X] You own a cell phone.
[/] You have an ipod/mp3 player (does my phone count?)
[] parents are still married.
[/] You have more than 2 best friends (kinda with internet friends)
[] There is a swimming pool in your backyard (Side of the house so nope)
T 0 T A L: 3

[X] You dress how you want to. 
[] You hang out with friends more than once a week. (Nope due to chores and shit)
[X] There is a computer/ laptop in your room. (Well no fucking shit dipstick)
[X] You have never been beaten up. 
[] You never cry more than twice a month.
[X] You are allowed to listen to the music you want to.
[] Your room is big enough for you. (I wish I had more space...)
[X] People don't use you for something you have.
[X] You have been to a concert.
T 0 T A L: 6

[] You have over 50 friends on Facebook.
[X] Your parents let you have a Facebook. 
[X] You get allowance. (Does money for mowing count?)
[] You collect something normal. 
[] You look forward to going to school.
[] You don't wish you were someone else. 
[/] You play a sport. (karate counts?)
[/] You do something after school. (Karate...)
T 0 T A L: 3

[] You own a car. (OH FUCK NO XD)
[] You usually don't fight with your parents.
[] You are happy with your appearance. 
[] You aren't self-conscious at all. 
[] You have never got a failing grade in your life. 
[X] You have friends. 
[X] You know what is going on in the world. 
[X] You care about so many people 
[] You are happy with your life. 
[X] You know more than one language. 
[] You own a pet. (family pets don't count)
[X]You know the words to 5 songs
[] You don't have any enemies.
[/] You are a generally nice person. (don't push my buttons and I won't push yours)
T O T A L: 5 1/2

Now count your numbers and multiply by 3.
Then title this journal "My life is ___% Happy (fuck it)


xXNikesDiamondXx's Profile Picture
Devin Slack
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

--Languages and accents--
English (Primary language), Korean (Karate), French (Barely), Spanish, British(Lol yeah), Japanese, German (tiny bit), Sans. DETERMINATION!!!!
--who me be--

I am a soft, mellow person who may/may not have a dark/crazy life/thoughts. I just can stand some things whilst others I don't like. I'm just that weirdo that sits behind a computer screen, a zitty teen that is bored. and Yes... I'm nerdy.

Literally me when I have responsibilities and I don't do 'em:

Pronouns: Him, Her, They, Them.

Don't steal my art - Stamp by Crystal-Artist STAMP:  Don't Steal my Art by djRimzi Do not steal art by Orpheelin Dont steal my art by Wolven-Sister Do not steal my art button by izka197 because love is love. by snubbuII I'mGonnaBeUsingTheseCuteTemplatesBeware by endler For Those in the Community or Those Supporting by endler Before You Ask by jocund-slumber cuz I don't wanna be killed by Clelius Anti-PETA stamp by SkinnySlim22 Anti Viacom Stamp by TheIransonic sexismsexism by Clelius I Have A Bad Temper Stamp by TheRealMorticon Asexual Stamp by sunbirds Monthly Event February - Genderfluid by Tea-Strawberry ::Stamp:: Asexual Furry by Timidus Stamp: Pagan Inside by NinfeAde Gravity Falls by Re-tho I Love Fat Cats Stamp by xXNikesDiamondXx +Art Neglection Stamp+ by dantesgirl Stamp: School sucks by Anajrob 2016 Bunnicula Stamp by CanidTheCreepy
Windows 8 Stamp by AnnieDesign STAMP: Throwing a Tracker Jacker Hive by Sitraxis :thumb378783502: Social Justice Warriors by WaywardSoothsayer Anti-social Justice Warrior by inconceivablenotions XD Stamp by MimiMarieT How Dare I Be White by TheArtOfNotLikingYou Seriously, Stop (long description) by I-am-Britta dA Deserves Better: Stamp by RaptureCyner dontbeadickabuttit.gif by Greedy-Catapultist Egalitarian by AtheosEmanon

Which Binding of Isaac Character Are You?
Which Binding of Isaac Character Are You?
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Which Minecraft Mob Are You?
Which Minecraft Mob Are You?
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You are a intelligent, awkward, and loving person. In most situations you tend to tell people what they want to hear without thinking of any of the consequences. However in the long run your lying catches up to you and you have a difficult time facing the truth. Although regardless of this you always end up doing the right thing as you are full of sympathy. You also can be quite the nerd enjoying the oddest of things, but that's what makes you the way you are.



Dear Apple, bring art to the world and the world to art! Add an 'Art' category to the App Store. #artapp
I may turn off mentions because of my Emotes being used way too fucking much XD... So I will turning off mentions, if you have anything for me, Comment me it in my journal, profile, or note me.
Firealpaca crashing before saving:
What I wish would happen: HELLO FROM THE OTHER SIDE! *bug fix that fixes crashes*
Actuality: THATS IT, I'M FUCKING DONE *uninstalls*
sneezing any other time: Achoo!
Sneezing after getting up: MAN THE FCUKING CANNONS!
Firealpaca when I have a complete photo but stops responding: This


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Lambozilla Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
How much is your commissions?
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Thanks for watching me!
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you could have called this game

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hello hi yes we havent talked in a while how is u
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FatJubei98 Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2016  Hobbyist
Oh yeah, Nikes? I forgot to mention that I decided I'm not going to use voice acting for Sky Brush. It would take too much work to get a good recording for the characters, so I just won't make voice sound effects for them. However I would appreciate if you sent me battle sprites for Nikes and Eden, I can make my own overworld sprites for them but I would appreciate if you did the battle sprites for them.
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